quaish farm hay

Organic Meadow Hay

Supplying equestrians and farmers with hay in six-string quadrant large square bales. These are 7ft in length and approx 4 'x 2'6. This represents excellent value per bale, they are easy to wafer and then move about, either to store elsewhere or feed to livestock.

Baling is usually completed at the end of June. The hay is rich in digestible material and its nutrition content optimised, as opposed to producing more fibrous bulk hay. All our hay is ragwort free.

All hay is produced on this farm, and delivery can be arranged.


We are part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme run by Natural England. We work to achieve a low carbon footprint, selling all our hay locally, and do not use any herbicides or pesticides, thus helping to protect the  local environment and encouraging  a diversity of species.

The Ley

Meadow grasses and white clover 

We produce fresh meadow hay at the peak of it's nutrition, concentrating on quality and nutritional balance.

All fields are certified organic with Organic Farmers and Growers, are  long term leys and extend to approximately 80 acres.